Friday, February 12, 2010

How do i get rid of opossums under trailer?

please can someone tell me how to remove an opposum from under my home. Sounds like he's chewing, hammering, and trying to get in. I live in a mobile home park, near woods, and i'm afraid he will come up through my vents. I don't want to hurt them or the family i just want them gone...spca or wildlife will not come out and help. thank you.How do i get rid of opossums under trailer?
I once got rid of a family of skunks by using Air Freshener. They did not like the smell of it! Try Shake Away鈥?/a>

The best way I have used to get rid of possums, is to borrow a dog, and tie it up close to the spot where the possums are doing the most activity. They will head for the hills, then you can return the dog. You and your neighbors need to be careful with feeding pets outdoors. Garbage cans should be covered, and the lids kept on with a bungee cord. Critters go where there is food. My latest problem is with the Armadillos digging tunnels.How do i get rid of opossums under trailer?
Mothballs thrown under the trailer, bleach poured around, Hav-a-hart traps to live trap. Could also be a raccoon unless you have seen a possum. When it is gone, put the ground sides around the trailer tightly. Plus, you can kill and eat either of those animals mentioned. I am not kidding or being demeaning. I have eaten both. Check the local papers to see if someone will remove them for you cheaply. I wish you luck
Once you get rid of the opposum using all these great suggestions, go to your local dog groomer and ask if they will save their clippings for a couple of days for you. Take the dog hair and put it just inside your skirting all the way around, this will make the critters think you have a dog. Its worth a try and its free.
In would get someone to crawl under and spray it with a water hose, use a mild pressure nozel and give em a blast. Good Luck!
Get a Have-a-heart trap and use cut up apples as bait. Once you catch them release them far away.
I have read all of the answers and they are good- if it is possible (without making trouble in your park) the dog is the best then when the critter is gone put up the skirting very tightly- the trap is the second best (only because it's more work) I used to live in the country and that was what I did
you might try spreading mothballs all over the ground under the trailer. this works for snakes and most bugs....also ran a family of skunks away! once it's gone from under the trailer, keep a ring of the mothballs just at the edges all the way around to discourage him from coming back. just be sure to check frequently to see if the mothballs need replenishing.

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