Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Would an Opossum hurt my dog?

Please help! There is an Opossum in our back yard and I have a Yorkie. Would they hurt it?Would an Opossum hurt my dog?
Most definitely. Possums will tear a dog to shreads. No joke. I live in the country, where people go possum huntin' and tree racoons. I know what I'm talking about. Just look at a photo on line of their teeth.... they have shark like teeth! Don't let your Yorkie out if the possum is in the yard. I also have 4 yorkies and I know their natural instint is to hunt vermin. Possums can grow a lot larger than a little yorkie and your dog wouldn't have a chance if that thing got a hold of him/her. Please listen to this advise even if you don't pick mine as the best answer.Would an Opossum hurt my dog?
These animals may attack if cornered or feel threatened, but just to attack no they are not like that, they are slow and will not confront a dog to attack they will just choose to say away from dogs or people.

I get allot of Opossums in my back yard they will walk along the wall yes my dogs will jump and bark but the animal will just walk away they don't do a thing. I even had a baby that would come up on my front porch and eat out of the cat bowl as my cats were eating. I have never had a problem with these animals or had one just go after my dogs or cats. I would not worry about it the animal is not going to come an attack your dog there just not like that.
Absolutely yes.

I suggest calling animal control and reporting it. if enraged, an opossum can kill a dog.

in the meantime, keep your dog indoors until the opossum is caught and dealt with accordingly by the humane society.
Opossums are pretty shy and solitary creatures and won't attack unless they're attacked, and then they mostly just play dead. So, I'd try to scare it away first or maybe call animal control. Keep the pooch in til the poor opossum leaves.
a yorkie is a pretty small dog. usually and opossum will play dead, but not if he doesn't feel your dog is a threat to it. the opossum could attack your dog and seriously hurt it, especially since it could have rabies.
Possum rarely carry rabies and are not big fighters.If the dog is aggressive with it it may fight back.Possum scavenges for food,remove any food sources so it moves on.
I don't know your oppossum or your dog, but a wild opposum bit up a friends rat terrier enough to need stitches. They also may carry rabies or other diseases.
I think it could if it felt threatened enough. Be careful, Opossums have very sharp claws ... you don't want your pet to get near it.
its possible and do a lot of damage on a yorkie. plus opossums can carry rabies or leptospirosis. keep your yorkie away!
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