Friday, February 12, 2010

My dog attacked an opossum and its laying in by backyard, help.?

my dog is fine and it didnt bite him but my dog had it in his mouth and I just checked on it and its laying there still breathing. my dad said its just playing dead but im worried it might be hurt. what do I do?My dog attacked an opossum and its laying in by backyard, help.?
Contact Animal Control. They will come and take care of it. If you don't have Animal Control in your area, then you can call your local non-emergency police.My dog attacked an opossum and its laying in by backyard, help.?
It probably is playing dead. Possums are known to play dead if attacked or frightened to ward off enemies, hence the saying ';Playing possum.'; If you can, you could probably take it (careful, so it won't bite) and release it. If you are scared or can't take it without it biting call the fire department or an animal shelter/control. Be sure to call the non emergency number.
Opossums do play dead, but chances are your dog has injured it. Did you know dog and cat saliva is toxic to these animals? I work at a wildlife rehab center and opossums come in a lot after dog and cat attacks. If you are unsure if he is 'playing possum' you could throw some water on him- but gently and not in his face. If he is okay I THINK he would get up, but I am not sure. DO NOT touch him. Opossums are actually pretty docile so he probably wouldn't attack you (unlike raccoons). But your dog could have fractured his skull, punctured a lung, broken bones, etc. Your dad could be correct, but chances are your dog has hurt him. If so, you need to get him to a wildlife emergency clinic. Look in the yellow pages for exotic or wildlife vets or rehab centers. Don't let him lay there all night... opossums only play dead until the danger is gone.
Are you in a rabies area?? If so don't touch it and get hold of your local SPCA. They should have an emergency ph number.

If your not in a rabies area, just keep an eye on it every now and again.

The old saying ';playing possum'; came about because possums do play dead very well.

I'd keep the dog away from the possum till it either leaves or someone comes to collect it.

There is not much chance that your dog wasn't bitten or scratched, so get him off to the vet for a check up tomorrow.

Ps, how can all you other guys get away with those naughty answers???I do it once to a asker being silly, and get in trouble??
Your dad is probably right. The opossum is just playing dead...just leave it there for now..or put it in a safe place in case ur dog is still going to go after it..and if it is gone by the morning he should be fine. Opossums cant wake up from playing dead right can take several hours..maybe days.
All you can do is wait and see. If it's a wild animal then there's not much you can do for it other than put it out of its misery (if it's fatally wounded).
you should probably call animal control and let them know. they may be required to come out and get it from your yard, as it may have diseases or something. just keep an eye on it and take the advice of control.
Don't worry about the possum. Your dog may look okay, and he may be okay. But get him checked for rabies and other diseases.
Possums are mean and nasty little creatures.

I'd make sure that if your dog was not bitten, he wasn't scratched either.

Be more worried about your dog.
It's most likely just ';Playin Possum'; if it doesn't get up and move within an hour or so, kill it. They are some tough sob's so he's just faking.
Ha...a possum playing its own game. I think it fooled ya. Seeing that it's only a possum, check tomorrow morning or way later tonight.
Its a defensive mechanism, they play dead so predators wont harm them. opossums are nasty anyways, its fine.
yeah its probably playing dead but if you are really worried you can call animal control.
Yeah there's a lot I can do from London, call your local wildlife shelter and ask their advice.
i think if you are really worried you should phone a vet for advise, its better to be safe than sorry!!
See if you can fit it in your bum.
just wait... it is playing dead... it will be ok.
Call peta.
call your local wildlife rescue poor opossum :(
don't worry about it. they play dead when threatened.
Throw it against a window and see what happens. I once saw one fly into the window during a very windy night while I was in the library. It was a very big moment in my life.
Good. Opossums eat our stuff. And they're ugly.

Just throw it in your neighbors yard..or call animal control (they charge you though).

Your neighbors might want a pet..
DINNER! Seriously, Possum is great to BBQ. throw it in the freezer for tomorrow.
call the vet or something

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