Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is it legal to buy a opossum in Kentucky?

I was wondering if it is legal to own a opossum in Kentucky and what is the average price of them?Is it legal to buy a opossum in Kentucky?
Yes you can but you have to get a permit to keep a wild animal in Ky. I have raised many animals including Opossums. I used to be a Critter control man in my town. If you are trying to help this critter out you can take him to to a place in Nicholasville called Wolf Run. It is a great place for all kinds of critters. To your other questions about buying them there are no breeders in Ky. You would then have to get a permit to bring him across state lines. ther is a Lot of red tape you would have to jump through. Other wise you can just go out and catch you a young one in the wild. But carefully. They do carry diseases . Such as distemper and rabies. Good luck and I hope this helps out.Is it legal to buy a opossum in Kentucky?
How do you go about getting a permit to have one as a pet?

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Now get this. . .I lived in Missouri and had a half chow/half rotweiller dog that killed a Momma opossum. My boys and I were going to try and raise up the young.

For some reason I thought of calling the Game and Wildlife Dept to see if they knew what to feed the babies and was told that I had to have a license to raise them and that once they were raised to adulthood I had to let them go.

The farmers in Missour HATE opossums and they are a threat to their grain bins,their chickens etc but I gotta turn them loose. . . . Same thing with raccoons which by the way can make good pets.

Check first with your Game and Wildlife Dept and see if you can even own one. You need to also check with your City's Ordinances as well.

Good Luck
well it is legal to have any animal anywhere you just have to have the proper licensing for it.

and for the price idk.

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